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Doug Coil Machine Benefits

Professionally built Doug Coil Machines are manufactured for individuals desiring to experiment with rife therapy using an alternating electromagnetic field. We started this business, after experimenting with the Doug Coil Machine using rife frequencies with great success. I began seeing results from the rife therapy after only two weeks, and after two months the results were amazing. Use of other rife machines were not helpful, but with the use of this coil machine results were immediate. I now have a productive life style, enjoy hiking, and can do other things I enjoy, as in the past. Much knowledge and experience was gained working with John Stolar, who very strongly encouraged me to begin building Doug Coil Machines to be used by others. The quality of our work is excellent in design, appearance, and reliability. People often call to thank us after discovering the benefits from using these coil machines. We are happy to answer questions related to this topic and provide information as to the proper use of the Doug Coil Machine.

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