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While using a Doug Coil Machine, nothing stated nor implied may be interpreted as medical advice under any circumstances. We do not encourage nor advise anyone to disregard or cease medical treatments. Doug machines are not approved for the treatment of any disease, nor any other condition by the Federal Drug Administration. No cure of a medical condition is implied by Coil Machines Northwest LLC. Women who are pregnant and anyone having a pacemaker should not use a Doug coil machine. Due to the strong magnetic field produced, this machine may cause harm to other electronics. Doug coil machines are intended for experimentation into the effects of magnetic fields and established frequencies. Users having serious medical conditions should seek the advice of trained, licensed physicians or other medical professionals before using a machine of this type. All affects on humans in relation to coil machines or rife machines and electromagnetic fields are not fully researched. It is understood that the user is responsible for experimental investigation and accepts all responsibility for the use of this device. The user of this device accepts all responsibility for any and all actions or consequences while treating himself and holds the manufacturer of this device harmless.

Doug Coil Machine


Coil Machines Northwest LLC has a two year limited warranty on the parts and labor for the Doug coil machine we build. If you are not completely satisfied with the coil machine, return it within ninety days for a full refund, if undamaged. The frequency generator  will need to be purchased from the dealer. The amplifier is purchased from the dealer though Coil Machines NW.

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