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     The Doug Coil Machine, pictured above, is well suited for you to use with rife technology. You set the desired frequency on the frequency generator, then your coil machine produces an alternating electro-magnetic field through the coil at the specific frequency you have set. This experimental device is very simple to use. We assemble, calibrate, and test each machine at different frequencies for different periods of time. The cost is $995.00.

We Build Doug

Coil Machines

  • Manufacture Doug Coil Machines
  • Manufacture small & large coils
  • Calibrate each coil machine and coil
  • Perform testing on every machine
  • Supply informative CD with machines
  • Send switch calculator with machine
  • Send wiring diagram & operating instructions with machine
  • Call or email with any questions
  • Unmatched Customer Service

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Doug Coil Rife Machines

You can experiment with different frequencies which others have used and have had amazing results using their Doug coil machine only minutes weekly.

It has helped many people just to have their old self back again, and to regain that sense of well being. Please read the Reviews page for testimonials.

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John Montee

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     The Doug Coil Machine was invented by Doug MacLean. He gave me a tour of his shop and I was shown the work he did to finally build the machine we can use today. He and I do use the coil machine on ourselves, each receiving the same good results.

    With my electronics education and background,  John Stolar taught me how to best build, calibrate, and test these coil machines.

Coil Machines Northwest

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